Ten Ten Trends of New Agriculture Development in the Next Five Years

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1. Deepening the New Agricultural Trend, Increasing Sales and Forming Consumption Habits

In the next five years, China's agricultural products e-commerce transactions will account for 5% of the total agricultural products transactions, foreign-related agricultural products e-commerce transactions will account for 1%, and agricultural products mobile commerce transactions will account for 2%. China's agricultural products e-commerce, agricultural resources e-commerce and rural renewable resources e-commerce will be developed, and rural supply and marketing cooperatives will play a greater role.

2. The mobile end will continue to exert force, and the decentralization will become more obvious.

Although the number of rural netizens is growing rapidly, the problem of "the last kilometer" of information highway is particularly prominent in rural areas because of the different level of rural economic development and the limited level of computer operation of farmers in various parts of China. With the popularity of mobile phones in China, the number of mobile phones in rural areas has also increased greatly. The universal and simple operation advantages of mobile phones bring information opportunities to solve the "last kilometer" problem of rural information.

3. The outbreak of new agricultural media marketing will produce a number of self-Media and self-stars that will influence agriculture.

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones, micro-blogs, micro-letters, the Internet and other new media promotion forms have spread in the consumer circle. It breaks through the traditional agricultural science and technology promotion methods, abandoning the previous form of vegetable shopping and telephone communication. The use of self-Media is the good news of farmers, and the future agricultural business opportunities lie here.

With the development of society, people all know the importance of land for us in daily life, so we also have some corresponding methods for land management, according to different types of land for different management, then for some rural homestead, many people will build themselves, then the village committee need not collect money, many people become doubtful.

It is impossible for the village committee to collect money for building houses on rural homestead, but the application for building houses on homestead must be submitted to the village committee. If in the process of applying for housing construction, the village committee requests the land user to pay the fee, it can ask the basis for the fee payment, and ask the village committee to issue invoice certificate.

Homestead Building

Homestead refers to the land that has been built, built or decided to be used for building houses, including the land that has been built, the land that has been built but has no upper cover, and can not live. According to the law of our country, homestead belongs to the state and collective ownership, and citizens have no ownership, only the right to use, so it can not be transferred, leased or mortgaged.

Homestead, as an integral part of housing, refers to the part of land specially used for the purpose of building houses (houses). That is to say, homestead refers to the land that has been built, built or decided to be used for building, including the land that has been built, the land that has been built but has no roof, the land that cannot be inhabited and the planned land that is ready to be built.

Compared with other developed countries, China's leisure agriculture project started relatively late, until 2013, China officially mentioned and launched leisure agriculture and rural tourism projects, but in a few years the development of this project has already exceeded the original expectations. According to the data, by the end of 2012, the business income of leisure agriculture in China has reached 240 billion yuan, while by the end of 2016, the figure reached 435 billion yuan, almost doubling. It is expected that the business income of leisure agriculture will reach an astonishing 765 billion yuan in 2020, which is a proof of the rapid development of leisure agriculture in China.

From an economic point of view, agriculture is the main source of raw materials for industry, especially light industry, the foundation of national economy and economic development. Because agriculture is the source of human food and clothing and the basis of survival. The development of agriculture directly affects and influences the overall development of the national economy. Agriculture is a necessary condition for the existence and development of other material production sectors such as industry and all non-material production sectors. Agriculture is the most basic material production sector in the national economy.

Leisure agriculture has special advanced characteristics. The biggest difference between leisure agriculture and traditional agriculture is that it can not only benefit directly from the production of agricultural products, but also turn agricultural production process, natural ecology, rural culture and farmer life into commodities for sale, which greatly expands the development space of agriculture and farmers.